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The global user traffic for in last 8 months was too low to indicate any changes in average reach. There is not enough data measured to calculate the average reach of users for these months.
Embed: was first indexed by Updowner 1158 days ago, on 29th listopad 2011. According to the last measurement, which was made on 17th marzec 2013, this site is visited by 8,589 global Internet users every month. Over the last 30 days it maintained a downward trend and in this time period reach decreased by 1,676. In 90 days user traffic raised and this change was estimated at 4,609 users. However during the last 360 days this parameter decreased by 3,561 users. Currently this site is on the 1,143rd position in our "Fastest dropping sites" ranking. The average time that users spend on is about 4 min. 46.0 sec. daily and within the last 30 days it reduced by 1 min. 6.0 sec. In addition, recently it was reported a drop of Bounce parameter and a growth of Pageviews per user parameter. is the most popular in 4 countries, such as Iceland, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany. Some highest search impact keywords for are: wiow air, airline wow, wow force one logo, björn ingi knútsson, wow air island.
Fastest Growing/Dropping Sites Ranking
The site is on 1,143rd position in our Fastest dropping sites Ranking.
  • 30 days change: -1,676 users
  • 90 days change: +4,609 users
  • 360 days change: -3,561 users
  • All time change: -3,561 users is visited by 8,589 global Internet users every month

Search Engines Ranking
No data. Unable to load ranking position. Check this ranking
Bounce Ranking
The site is on 549th position in our Fastest dropping Bounce Ranking.
  • 30 days change: -13.1%
  • 90 days change: 9.8%
  • 360 days change: 26.9%
  • All time change: 26.9%

At least 67.9% of users remain on a single page

Pageviews Per User Ranking
The site is on 690th position in our Fastest growing Pageviews/User Ranking.
  • 30 days change: 0.30
  • 90 days change: 0.10
  • 360 days change: -1.40
  • All time change: -1.40

Average pageviews per user is about 2.10

Time On Site Ranking
The site is on 8,472nd position in our Fastest dropping Time on site Ranking.
  • 30 days change: -1 min 6.0 sec
  • 90 days change: 2 min 7.0 sec
  • 360 days change: 8.0 sec
  • All time change: 8.0 sec

Average user spends on about 4 min 46.0 sec daily

Users mostly visit from countries: Iceland, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany